How to access?

Getting started is a breeze! Upon purchase, you'll be granted access to our Google Maps Locations. Please allow 24-28 hours for us to process and provide you with access. Thank you for your patience!

Why is this helpful for me?

We understand the desire to save travel tips from our blog, and what better place than Google Maps? Yet, tracking down each location can be time-consuming. Now, with our private Google Map access, you can effortlessly add all locations with just a few clicks!

What are Google Maps Locations?

Download our Google Maps Locations for a country, and watch as our pointers seamlessly appear on your Google Maps, whether on your phone or laptop. The best part? Your map automatically updates whenever we add more places.

What device can I use this on?

Access the map on any device supporting Google Maps. During checkout, share your Google email address. Ensure you're logged into that Google account on your device to seamlessly load the map.

What does the annual subscription mean?

The annual subscription grants you access to the map for one year. After this period, access will expire, and to continue enjoying the guide, a renewal will be required with a subsequent payment for access.